Wholesale Menstrual Cups

EverCup is happy to help you develop your wholesale menstrual cup line. Our products are FDA-registered and produced from 100% medical grade silicone. Our manufacturing is held to the highest quality standards at our ISO Certified factory in Maine, USA.

Please email us at hello@myevercup.com to discuss wholesale menstrual cups.

Wholesale Menstrual Cup Options

We offer two options when it comes to private labeled menstrual cups:

  1. EverCups with your branded packaging assembled in our facility. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 500, though we offer other price points for orders of 1,000, 10,000 and above.
  2. EverCups featuring your branding on the interior of the cup in addition to your branded packaging assembled in our facility. MOQ of 4,000.

We offer wholesale menstrual cups with and without the EverCup Cleaning Case, an innovative, 100% medical grade silicone case designed for clean, sustainable and discreet cup storage. It is compatible with all sizes.

The EverCup Wholesale Menstrual Cup Advantage

Whether you're shopping for a personal EverCup or looking to private label, there are many factors that set us apart.

FDA-Registered and 100% Medical-Grade Silicone

All EverCup products are FDA-registered. All of our products are subject to biocompatibility testing and made from Medical-Healthcare Grade, USP Class VI Silicone. In line with our ISO Certification, we offer Biocompatibility Certifications and complete material traceability courtesy of our reputable silicone suppliers.

Industrial Design Services

Want to design your own cup? We are pleased to offer product design services, our design team can can create a new wholesale menstrual cup design or customize our existing successful version. EverCup is designed not to cause irritation for the user and has undergone significant testing and research.

Additionally, we can help with branding and marketing your private labeled design.

Sustainable Silicone Case

We have yet to encounter a brand that offers end-to-end sustainability when it comes to feminine products. At EverCup, we are pleased to do so with our Cleaning Case, an innovative, 100% medical-grade silicone case that protects any sized cup from debris and bacteria.

It offers two unique closure styles that protect its contents while giving it enough airflow to dry. It can also be sterilized using boiling water.

The industry standard for menstrual cup storage is a debris-filled cloth baggie or no storage at all.

Final Point-of-Sale Packaging for Wholesale Menstrual Cups

Our state-of-the-art facility has the ability to assemble, package and ship your wholesale menstrual cups to your distributors. our one roof approach offers unprecedented convenience, affordability and quality control.

Keep in mind that for the U.S. market, all labels and inserts must be submitted to us for approval, per FDA requirements. Additionally, all packaging must be completed under our roof.

ISO-Certified Facility in the USA

Our manufacturing facility Casco Bay Molding follows ISO procedures, which you can learn about on their website) and has the necessary quality documentation. With our wholesale menstrual cups, you can rest assured that your order will be defect-free.

Have any questions about your order? Every product we produce is assigned a lot number. This allows us to track production dates and materials used for full accountability.

To learn more about wholesale options please email us at hello@myevercup.com.