Sustainable Periods Made Easy

EverCup lasts 10+ years and offers 12 hours of leak-free period protection. What's good for you is officially good for the planet. 

1 EverCup = 2,400 Tampons

We believe in saving the planet from unnecessary tampon and pad waste. There are 2 billion menstruating women on planet Earth. Each woman using disposable products generates 6.5 lb of waste every year. Where will we put it all?
EverCup lasts for 10+ years. We also offer the EverCup Cleaning Case: a unique, 100% medical-grade silicone menstrual cup case that lasts as long as your cup does. Say hello to a sustainable period kit, for the same price as competing brands offer only a cup.

So Comfortable You Won't Feel It. Seriously.

EverCup has the most soft, supple menstrual cup design on the market. It also comes in three unique sizes because all bodies are different, and so should their cup size.
Choose EverCup for comfortable, long-lasting period protection that's better for the planet and everyone who calls it home.

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