Pads and Tampons Don't Just Go Away

A woman using disposable pads/tampons creates 6.5 lbs (30kg) of waste every 10 years. There are approximately 2 billion women of menstruating age. Most women menstruate for around 30 years. 6.5 lbs/year x 30 years x 2,000,000,000 women = 390 billion lbs of waste.

If 1 million women were to switch to EverCup, we would reduce total menstrual waste by 6.4 million lbs in 10 years.

What Is an EverCup and How Do I Even Get Started?

Breathe, we've all been there. Today, millions of women have switched from disposable pads and tampons to menstrual cups. Follow these 6 steps to start down the road to a healthy, happy period.

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