Menstrual Cup Quiz: 7 Questions to Find Your Ideal Size

Meet the menstrual cup quiz that makes sustainable, healthy and comfortable period protection easy. We're all unique, so why would we have the same EverCup size? With that in mind, we put our feminine product knowledge to work to help. Don't waste money on the wrong size. Find the perfect fit for your body and flow with our menstrual cup quiz.

Our Menstrual Cup Quiz Makes Life Easier

Why would you need a quiz, anyway? Every woman's body is different, that means that different sizes will work better for different women. We offer a Mini, Mid and a Standard size. Here's a little you should know about each size:

Mini: The smaller size we offer. We invented the Mini EverCup because a lot of women, especially those with low cervixes, wanted a smaller size. It's a great starter cup for younger women who are new to menstrual cups, too.

The Mid: Got the Mid cup on our menstrual cup quiz? Just like Goldilox, the Mid is not too big nor too small. Still slightly narrower than the industry standard design, the Mid is a great option for women who have not had children yet but who may have a heavier flow or lower cervix than women who use the Mini.

The Standard: The O.G. size, the Standard was engineered to work for a wide-variety of women -- and fit comfortably for women who have already given birth. Have a heavier flow or a high cervix? The Standard will keep you protected for up to 12 hours with its significant capacity and supple design.

The EverCup Cleaning Case

Every single menstrual cup quiz result is compatible with our Clean Case: a 100% medical grade silicone case that is the perfect all-in-one storage and cleaning solution. Unlike other companies that give you a disposable cloth bag that dirties quickly, we include the case for the same price as other brands offer just a cup.

Questions About Your Menstrual Cup Quiz Results?

Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and we'll get back to you ASAP. Keep in mind that we're not doctors (and don't play them on the internet). That means that our quiz is not medical advice. If you have any questions on how to use a menstrual cup specifically for you, please contact your gynecologist.