Menstrual Cup Quiz: What's My Size?

This menstrual cup quiz will help you find your perfect fit. We're all unique, so why would we wear the same EverCup size? Avoid buying the wrong size with this menstrual cup quiz that considers your body, flow, and other factors that make you, you.

Menstrual Cup Quiz: Find the Right Size for Your Body

Everyone is different, so why would we all wear the same size? Though it is common to be able to wear different sizes comfortably, some fits are more comfortable and offer more effective leak-free protection. This depends on a variety of factors which we consider in our menstrual cup quiz, including:

  1. Age
  2. Flow
  3. Cervix height
  4. Physical activity
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Personal experience, i.e. whether or not you've used a similar product

Whether or not you find the right size for you does not depend exclusively on these factors or on one factor alone. Some members of our community prefer to wear different sizes on different days, too.

Understanding your Menstrual Cup Quiz Results

Your menstrual cup quiz result could be a Mini, Mid and Standard. Though everyone's experience is different, here's the basic profile of who should use which size:

Mini: The smaller size we offer. We invented the Mini EverCup because a lot of women, especially those with low cervixes, wanted a smaller size. It's a great starter cup for younger women, low flow days and those new to EverCups, too.

The Mid: Is the Mid right for you, according to our menstrual cup quiz? Just like Goldilox, the Mid is not too big nor too small. Still slightly narrower than the industry-standard design, the Mid is a great option for women who have not had children yet but who may have a heavier flow or lower cervix than women who use the Standard.

The Standard: Our original size, the Standard was designed to work for a wide variety of people, especially those who have given birth. Have a heavier flow or a high cervix? The Standard will keep you protected for up to 12 hours with its significant capacity and supple design.

The EverCup Trio: Get 3 Sizes for the Price of 2

You asked, we answered. Several members of the EverCup community suggested that we create a pack of our three sizes. The advantage of the EverCup Trio is that you can use a different size depending on your flow level that day.

The EverCup Trio is a great sustainable gift for this holiday season. Not sure what your loved one's result would be on our menstrual cup quiz? Give them all three for the price of two EverCups.

Premium Materials at Factory-Direct Prices

Our three sizes were designed by our female engineer and produced at our factory in Maine, USA. We believe that only the highest quality medical-grade silicone should be put in your body. That's why all EverCup products are produced in our ISO:13485 certified facility in Southern Maine.

No matter which size you choose, rest assured that it's made with the utmost care by women, for women.

EverCase Is Compatible with all Menstrual Cup Quiz Results

Every single menstrual cup quiz result is compatible with the EverCase, our medical-grade silicone case designed to keep it clean in your bag or on your counter. Though cheaper for big companies to give out, a cloth bag does not offer a long-term solution for storing your feminine products. That's why we designed the EverCase: a unique pouch that will last 10+ years, just like your EverCup.

A Menstrual Cup Quiz That Makes Life Easier

Over 90% of women who use a cup more than 3x prefer them to conventional alternatives, according to research. Join the sustainable, healthful period movement when you choose EverCup over lower-quality alternatives.

Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and we'll get back to you ASAP. Keep in mind that we're not doctors (and don't play them on the internet). That means that our quiz is not medical advice. If you have any questions on how to use feminine products specific to you, please contact your gynecologist.

Meet the menstrual cup quiz that makes sustainable, healthy and comfortable period protection easy. We're all unique, so why would we have the same EverCup size? Don't waste money on the wrong size. Find the perfect fit for your body and flow.