About Us

Meet the EverCup team, brought together by a passion for sustainability, women's health and cutting-edge product design.

Burgess Powell

Burgess is our chief marketing officer and current leading principal in EverCup.  She is focused on leading business to consumer sales and charitable initiatives as well as providing free education resources on women's health and wellness both online and in person. 

Liz Thorton

Liz is our chief design engineer and graphic designer.  She has designed more menstrual cups — 13 and counting — than any woman (or man) in the world. She worked with Andy to design the Cleaning Case, a crucial component in winning the Harvard Grant that enables us to pursue our mission.

Sutopa Dasgupta PhD

Topi is co-founder of Sakhi Cup, now EverCup.  Her winning of the Harvard grant afforded our group  the opportunity to work with menstrual health advocates in India to donate cups to women in need. 

She continues to educate young women in the US while studying how to empower women to face the social blocks prevalent in many societies.  

Chris Hote

Chief advisor to EverCup, Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has generously joined our menstrual health team. 

Andrew Powell

President of Casco Bay Molding the main underwriter of EverCup.  Andy is energized by the opportunity to sell a product that is sustainable, healthful, and affordable for women around the world.

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