About EverCup

Meet EverCup: an innovative, woman-owned social enterprise united by a passion for sustainability, women's health and cutting-edge product design.

What We Do

It all started with the desire to help women and the planet. Our mission is to provide menstruators of all income levels with access to healthful, affordable, and sustainable feminine products. That means using only 100% medical-grade silicone for our menstrual cup and menstrual cup case, the EverCase.

Who We Are

EverCup is a startup founded by engineers, entrepreneurs and feminists who care about women’s health and our planet. We came together to create something different: a premium, American-made menstrual cup that offers comfortable, leak-free and long-lasting period protection.

Burgess Powell


Burgess has a background in e-commerce and digital growth. Before EverCup, Burgess was Chief Content Officer for an SEO marketing company and Editor in Chief for a cryptocurrency news website. Burgess manages day-to-day sales operations for EverCup and leads menstrual training sessions across the United States.

Sutopa Dasgupta PhD


Topi founded EverCup (then Sakhi Cup) with the mission to bring menstrual cups to women in need. Through a grant awarded to her by Harvard University, she created our menstrual training program, a curriculum designed to facilitate menstrual cup use among women in the Global South.

She continues to empower young people to think critically about the social stigma surrounding menstruation and so much more.

Andrew Powell


An entrepreneur with 30+ years of sales and manufacturing experience, Andy is passionate about creating sustainable products. Andy is the founder of Casco Bay Molding, EverCup’s strategic manufacturing partner in cup design and production.

Liz Thornton

Co-Founder and Chief Engineer

With a background in consumer and industrial product design, Liz is the mastermind behind our EverCup sizes and the EverCase: our 100% medical-grade silicone case designed for storing menstrual cups of all sizes.

Say Hello

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