Interview on CTV Morning Live

Interview on CTV Morning Live

Thank you so much for having us, CTV Morning Live. One of our founders Andrew Powell and our lead designer Liz Thornton were invited to discuss women's health, menstrual cups and the EverCup difference on Canadian morning television.

We are so grateful every time we're given the chance to share our message of sustainability, health and female empowerment. Though menstrual cups have been around since the 1930s, it's moments like that help us teach women and girls around the world about the benefits of sustainable, healthful and comfortable feminine products.

A large part of that isn't selling products. It's providing free education. Teaching women how to use these sustainable products is crucial to making the transition from conventional pads and tampons to EverCup.

Watch the full interview on Ottawa's CTV Morning Live right here:

A big thank you to all the women out there who have inspired us and all the opportunities to come.

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