Startup Accelerator

Our First Week at Scratchpad Startup Accelerator

We were recently accepted into Scratchpad Accelerator, a Maine startup incubator that’s part of a worldwide startup network that helps scalable businesses structure, finance, and market. This gives us an excellent opportunity to meet with the Maine startup community, including fellow entrepreneurs, attorneys, accountants, and investors.

To all those we met this week, thank you for sharing your expertise and your stories. We couldn’t be more excited to work with you and be inspired by your success, dedication, and innovation.

Startup Accelerator

This week was the first many weeks with Scratchpad. During it, we gained a better understanding of our brand.

In a world that encourages women to spend more and waste, we’re offering another, sustainable solution. In a world where jobs and processes are shipped overseas, we’re designed and are producing a product right here in Maine.

Startup Accelerator Week 1

This means consistently holding ourselves to higher standards. Our longtime manufacturing partner, Casco Bay Molding, is ISO certified. All of their processes are in line with the International Standard Organization’s stringent regulations on safe, consistent manufacturing.

For you, this means that your EverCup is made safely from 100% medical grade silicone.

No latex, no BPH, and no plastic.

EverCup is a leader in quality and transparency in the menstrual cup market.

In the startup space, we’ve learned that we still have a lot of work to do. We have a life-altering product—but we need to get the word out about EverCup.

We’re currently looking to partner with the best (and loudest) voices in media.

We want to tell everyone about menstrual cups: why they matter for your health and the planet’s survival. We’re excited to keep sharing our love of women’s empowerment with you. We’re only getting started.

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